Insurance Law for the Construction Industry

Robert Hogarth, Alexandra Anderson and Simon Goldring: Editors
A much-needed guide to this complex area, this book provides comprehensive coverage of the issues involving insurance encountered in the process of construction projects. It proposes practical solutions to all the problems likely to be faced when negotiating construction contracts, insurance policies, or insurance claims.

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"Distinguished for its clarity as well as its erudite and certainly practical approach"  Reviewed on Hammicks Legal Information Services.



Privacy Law Handbook

Keith Mathieson: Editor
The law relating to personal privacy has been marked by extraordinary changes in recent years, including the introduction of a new cause of action for misuse of private information. The changes reflect not only the impact of human rights legislation, but also the challenges posed by new social and technological developments. Written in a clear, concise and accessible style by a team of expert contributors from Reynolds Porter Chamberlain LLP, the Privacy Law Handbook brings together all aspects of privacy in a single volume, explaining the current state of the law in practical terms and making sense of the most recent changes.



A Practical Guide to Tax Litigation

Adam Craggs and Jonathan Levy: Authors

A Practical Guide to Tax Appeals guides you through all the stages of taking a litigious dispute with the HMRC to court.   Considerable changes have taken place to the tax tribunals system over the last two years. The new changes that have come into force are incredibly complex causing confusion to practitioners.  This groundbreaking new title will enable you to fully understand the new tax appeals tribunal system and arm you with the information you need  to confidently take a litigious dispute to court directly, instead of referring it to larger firms.

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