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Empowering our people

At RPC our focus is to empower and energise our people to achieve their career ambitions.  

To help us achieve that, we have developed a progressive people programme AmP; to underpin our Ambition for our People.  

AmP is designed around every person in our business; their role, their wellbeing and life's twists and turns. If our people thrive, then we thrive.and so AmP has been built on the strong foundations of our inclusive, supportive and ambitious culture.

We are wholly dedicated to our people—both professionally and personally—and provide exceptionally high levels of flexibility and trust. Our trust-centred approach to hybrid working means everyone is empowered to work in a way which works for them, their team and their clients. 

We have chosen not to set down rules as to the proportion of time each of us spend in or out of our offices.  To do this would ignore the individual circumstances of our people, our teams and clients, and would remove the flexibility that we value at RPC.  Every team has its own expectation and way of working and so we ask our people to speak openly with their colleagues. Our people deal (AmP) is built to ensure a collaborative approach, whether that's during the recruitment process or while working here.

Our people make a difference for clients, colleagues, and the communities we serve and we stand ready to support, guide, and inspire them every step of the way.  


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Signature strengths

Our people deal (AmP) is built around 4 signature strengths:

Lifelong learning and development

People are at the heart of our business. We recognise that we can only excel as much as our people do. That's why we are committed to continually investing in our people's professional and personal development through our comprehensive people programme, AmP, supported by Quarterly Conversations, instead of annual appraisals., 

We aspire to be the leading firm for people management, empowering our people to leverage their strengths and achieve their aspirations. We are dedicated to enhancing commercial skills and developing everyone's approach to client service and people leadership. We set high expectations, and we provide unwavering support every step of the way.

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Inclusive and supportive culture

If our people thrive, we thrive, making it imperative that everyone is part of an inclusive work-life environment that's meaningful.

Our workplace community fosters belonging, involvement, and appreciation. Camaraderie is crucial; wellbeing is fundamental.

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Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

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Trust and flexibility

Results matter. We believe in happy, motivated people who are trusted to work responsibly to achieve better outcomes.

This is why we place trust in our people and offer a healthy degree of flexibility in their roles, benefitting all our colleagues, and our clients. Our trust-centred approach to hybrid working underpins this and support is never very far away.  Flexible working that supports your commitments outside of work is important and, where possible, we will support this across all roles.

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Work with purpose

Our size and entrepreneurial spirit means our people have early exposure and greater responsibility. The calibre of our client base reflects our work. Interesting. Engaging. Stretching.

And, when it comes to making a tangible impact, our people can take great pride in contributing to an inclusive culture that harnesses and celebrates the value of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging and our other ESG responsibilities. 

The impact we make impacts us all. 


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