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The environmental performance of our firm holds significant importance for our clients, people

We demonstrate our commitment through our environmental reporting and sustainability policies, which encompass assessments of energy efficiency, waste management and utilisation of our office facilities. 

Our strategic agenda includes the ongoing review of our buildings, the energy we use, and taking proactive measures to reduce carbon emissions associated with both our business travel and engaging with our supply chain.

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The Planet Mark certification is a UK accreditation and certifies that RPC has achieved the Planet Mark by reporting a reduction in our carbon footprint and engaging with our stakeholders. Planet Mark also aligns to the Science Based Targets Initiative Net Zero Standard. 2019 was RPC’s first year of carbon footprint reporting and certification to The Planet Mark. Reporting parameters encompassed the carbon footprint of RPC’s London and Bristol operational sites and associated emissions from purchased electricity, transmission and distribution losses, natural gas, water, waste, business travel and printing paper. In 2021, we also included our Hong Kong and Singapore offices in our Planet Mark reporting. In addition to the Scope 1 and 2 emissions review that we have been conducting since 2019, in 2023 we undertook a Scope 3 review, supported by the experts at Planet Mark to help us in setting realistic targets in support of our wider firmwide environmental strategy. A Scope 3 review includes all the indirect emissions not included in Scope 2, including employee commuting and emissions within the value chain. 2024 will see us set bold and achievable targets in line with these findings.

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Our annual Responsible Business report outlines our key DEIB, Charity, Pro Bono and Environment activity throughout the year. The report reflects on the progress we have made in line with our ESG strategy, and highlights the long and short-term impacts we have on our global community, our people and our clients.

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