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Lifelong learning and development

People are at the heart of our business. As a firm, we can only ever be as good as our people are. 

Never stop growing

A commitment to lifelong learning and development

We continually invest in your development through our people programme, AmP, underpinned by our approach to performance management, which involves having Quarterly Conversations (QCs) with your manager about your needs and your performance to help you build on your strengths, manage your development areas and set objectives to help you to become everything you aspire to be.

We have developed a set of career frameworks (the AmP Frameworks) for every role across the firm to clearly outline expectations for each role to support, guide and inspire our people. The frameworks are used in Quarterly Conversations (QCs), to discuss career development and to support Lifelong Learning.

Our Learning and Development team provides learning opportunities to support all our people in meeting the expectations set out in the AmP Frameworks. You'll be invited to attend development programmes at key career milestones to support you as you grow at the firm. The team is also responsible for providing learning initiatives to support your technical development and to enhance sector specific knowledge.

In addition to our commitment to individual development, we recognise the pivotal role that line managers play in fostering our inclusive, supportive, and ambitious culture. To ensure that our people receive the best guidance and support, we place a strong emphasis on training our line managers in effective people management.

We use internal and external experts to provide development through live in-person or virtual sessions. This is complemented by a variety of learning methods including business simulations, coaching and mentoring, as well as our state of the art learning experience platform providing self-directed micro and video-based learning from a huge suite of content.

"I'm so proud to work at a firm which prioritises people – from personal and professional development, to exceptional levels of trust, flexibility and support, to interesting and challenging work, RPC has it all. It's the kind of place where if you are willing to seize opportunities, you'll definitely thrive."

Rachel Street
Director of People and Talent Development

Rachel Street
Director of People and Talent Development

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