Law firms are changing... but not quickly enough.

We're determined to rewrite the rule book. Initiate a sea change in our sector. Challenge ingrained attitudes and question conventional wisdom.

Consequently, we’ve created a radical manifesto for change – and it’s not for the faint-hearted. You’ll need courage as well as intelligence if you join us. You’ll also need a pioneering spirit. After all, we could be charting new territories together. Law firms are changing in response to rapidly changing times. Unfortunately, we’re convinced that most of them aren’t changing quickly enough. Some traditional law firms will just offer you a training contract. We'll give you a challenge.


Attitudes are as rigid as outdated charging systems. Traditional and stuffy conventions stifle creativity and value for clients… at source. Some still equate length of service with career prospects. Trainees aren’t allowed to learn at the sharp end, and spend too much time in the photocopy room or delivering coffees. Clients are offered legal advice in a vacuum because it is not fully appreciated that the law is now a business – as well as a profession. Individuality is not valued and social life isn’t given enough priority.


We need a breath of fresh air and a pioneering spirit. People should be promoted according to their ability. Trainees should deliver results… not cappuccinos. Law firms need to be driven by savvy business leaders with sharp legal minds, and trainees should receive the very best legal and business training.