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Easy collaboration. Seamless delivery. Painless scalability. This is Tyche and it will change the way you work.

Our insurance focussed technology, Tyche, is transforming the actuarial and financial modelling landscape.

Tyche's ground-breaking build technologies harness the latest in desktop and server hardware to help firms step up to the ever changing demands of the regulatory and reporting environments.

Whether modelling capital, pricing risk (both personal lines or commercial) or reserving, Tyche’s intuitive and responsive approach brings teams together in an agile framework to reliably deliver from the smallest to the largest jobs.

Combining near real-time analysis and high impact visualisation, Tyche’s cost effective solutions offer inbuilt functionality with supporting libraries that ensure businesses optimise the decisions they take in a post Solvency II world.

Tyche is not just one tool - it is a platform covering many of the tasks we face across the insurance industry. It helps reduce training costs and ensures seamless integration across your business.

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