AI and Emerging Technology Disputes Symposium

We invite you to RPC's inaugural AI and Emerging Technology Disputes Symposium.

Event date: 08 October 2024

Duration: 8h

Event time: 12:00

Event type: Conference

Provided by: RPC


Join Lord Holmes, RPC hosts Dan Wyatt, Chris Whitehouse and Olivia Dhein, and a handpicked selection of other expert external speakers, for an exploration into the impact of AI on disputes.

Keynote: Lord Holmes

Lord Holmes's interest and expertise are heavily focused on understanding how new technologies can serve us all. His parliamentary work focuses on today's key policy challenges such as how we may benefit from the use of AI and the ethical considerations of such use. He has notably contributed to the House of Lords Artificial Intelligence Select Committee, producing significant reports on AI's societal impacts and ethical considerations. His work promotes the development of responsible AI policies and ensures that technological advancements benefit all sectors of society, highlighting his commitment to digital innovation and inclusion.


Session one: AI and Fraud

AI offers ground breaking new technology to create photos and video footage of highly realistic quality from scratch with just a few simple prompts. At the same time, bad actors have created AI models trained for nefarious purposes, eg on the Dark Web. We will discuss what AI will mean for the future of fraud – what are the new threats, can technology mitigate them, and how will the courts deal with a potentially brand new fraud landscape?


Session two: LLMs and mis-selling claims

AI has already shown promise in experiments in selecting private equity fund and securities, outperforming leading investment funds. While it is very early days, the technology has the potential to overhaul this market as it is able to digest large amounts of data and text that would be impossible for humans to do. Any AI investment tool that independently develops an investment strategy could become sophisticated very quickly. But where are we headed if, as expected, this technology gains ground? What happens to human oversight? What does this mean for financial advice, and mis-selling claims more generally in financial services?


Session three: How will AI impact disputes professionals

The recent developments in AI have given us computer models that can effectively read, write and answer questions on documents. The models are not equivalent to experienced legal professionals but the question remains; what significance do these capabilities have for how we will be conducting litigation and how the courts will decide cases? Are the Civil Procedure Rules ready for this change? Will the limitations of the models prove a stumbling block? How will it affect the economics of disputes? And, most importantly, how should lawyers adapt for the future?


Session four: Crypto state of the union

A comprehensive update on the most significant cryptocurrency legal cases of 2024 within the jurisdiction, including Mooij v Persons Unknown, COPA v Wright and the highly anticipated trial judgment in D’Aloia v Persons Unknown, as well as considering what future legal developments are on the horizon.


We look forward to welcoming you to what promises to be a memorable and impactful day. Please note that this is a paid event, priced at £135, designed to offer valuable insights and networking opportunities.


Location: RPC, Tower Bridge House, St Katharine's Way, London E1W 1AA, United Kingdom

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