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Brexit and the impact on UK employment law

Join us for a special webinar with leading expert, Professor Catherine Barnard, who will explain what Brexit really means for UK employment law.

Duration: 1hr

Event type: Webinar

Provided by: RPC

Brexit has happened but what does this mean for employment law. What do the concepts of retained EU law and retained EU case law mean? Is there still a role for the European Court of Justice? And what are the implications of the Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), concluded on Christmas Eve, for employment law?

In this talk professor Catherine Barnard tackles these questions and more.

This is a must attend event for HR professionals, in house legal teams, business leaders and indeed anyone with an interest in the future of workers' rights in the UK.


Catherine Barnard, FBA, FLSW
Professor of EU law and Employment Law and senior tutor and fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge

Professor Catherine Barnard is the author of EU Employment Law (Oxford, OUP, 2012, 5th ed.), The Substantive Law of the EU: The Four Freedoms, (Oxford, OUP, 2019, 6th ed), and (with Peers ed), European Union Law (Oxford, OUP, 2020, 3rd ed). She is a member of the European Commission funded European Labour Law Network (ELLN). She is also a Senior Fellow and deputy director of the UK in a Changing Europe project (UKCE). She has appeared on the main media channels  - BBC, ITV and Sky  - as well as some of the more specialist programmes such as Law in Action, Woman's Hour, Question Time, Any Questions and the Briefing Room. She has also written for the Guardian and the Telegraph. She has given evidence to numerous select committees on the legal issues connected with Brexit, immigration and the European Union (Withdrawal) Act. She has her own podcast, 2903cb, and she blogs on Brexit, mainly for the


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