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Furlough Fraud: How to protect your business

At our next Click and Reflect webinar Criminal Tax Disputes Associate Alice Kemp and Employment Partner Kelly Thomson join us as they discuss the fraud risks for businesses in applying for and participating in the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

Duration: 30 minutes

Event type: Webinar

Provided by: RPC

Much ink has been spilled about the Coronavirus Job Retention (furlough) Scheme. But there has been comparatively little focus on the risks of fraud; risks which HMRC have been at pains to highlight. That is despite the fact a third of all COVID-19 calls made to whistleblowing charity Protect have been to report suspected furlough fraud.

As the scope and rules of the furlough Scheme are significantly changed, again, it remains important that all businesses accessing the scheme are aware of the risks and responsibilities resting on them.

The webinar will:
•Provide an overview and update of the furlough Scheme
•Discuss the main types of fraud which businesses need to be aware of
•Explain how the most common frauds are perpetrated in practice
•Advise what practical steps a business can take to avoid these risks
•Explain how you can protect your business from a criminal charge

We will answer these questions and more in this interactive presentation.

Location: Past event