A day in the life of a busy, successful, “un-stressed”, “un-burnt out” colleague

Have you ever wondered how to successfully breeze (rather than battle) through a full day at work at home - while managing your stress and avoiding that feeling of overwhelm and burnout?

Duration: 45 minutes

Event type: Webinar

Provided by: RPC and Centre for Legal Leadership

Join health coach and founder of Bumblebee Wellbeing, Eric Ho, as he takes us through a typical day of someone who used to feel lack lustre - and put it down to the stress and pressure of working as a City lawyer, before he discovered the foundations for sustainable health and wellbeing.

He’ll be sharing his experiences and practical tips that you can incorporate into your daily routine straight away, such as:

•The importantance of starting your morning well, and with intention
•Why self-care is not selfish
•Why exposing yourself (to sunshine!) is one of the best ways to start your day in order to start your next day refreshed
•How expressing your gratitude can make you healthy
•Unconventional ways to maintain your mental wellbeing when navigating your colleagues who press your stress buttons
•The three biggest food-like substances to avoid if you want to feel good and have a healthy brain.
•Why sitting in your chair is worse than smoking, even if you exercise regularly
•Concluding your day so you get your best sleep

Location: Past event