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Smart Collaboration: How in-house and external counsel add value by teaming through the crisis

The next webinar in our next Click and Reflect programme focuses on Optimising Collaboration.

Duration: 45 minutes

Event type: Webinar

Provided by: RPC and CLL

Join Harvard Law School’s,  Dr. Heidi Gardner for an expert session showing how in-house legal teams and external counsel can work together more effectively in this time of crisis. Together, they can exceed executives’ demands for forward-thinking, constructive, business-enhancing solutions so that they all emerge stronger afterward.

Highlights include case studies and research from Dr. Gardner’s newly released book, 'Smart Collaboration for In-house Legal Teams'. It combines the rigor of Harvard research with a pragmatic focus based on input from hundreds of General Counsels, in-house lawyers, CEOs and board members to provide practical, action-oriented ways to work better across silos – what we call ‘Smart Collaboration.’

Location: Past event