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FIG: How to be an ally in reality

Join us for our next webinar as we discuss 'How to be an ally in reality' with Gwendolyn Jones from Educating Matters.

Event date: 11 July 2022

Duration: 1 hour

Event time: 12:00

Event type: Webinar

Provided by: RPC

The recent protests and riots around the world have brought to light major disparities in our world with regards to race and ethnicity. Now, more than ever, it is important to stand as an ally with diverse communities so that culture can make a shift towards progressing equality. However many struggle with knowing how to find the words, out of fear of saying or doing the wrong thing.

This session will help bridge the gap between good intent and confidence to be inclusive from a place of respect and empowerment. How can we be more inclusive irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, age or ability?


Speaker - Gwendolyn Jones 

Seminar facilitator and Parent Coach at Educating Matters

Gwen has an MSc in Occupational Psychology focusing on Workplace Wellbeing. She is a trained psychotherapist, relationship therapist and coach working with people all over the world to reduce anxiety and have happier, healthier lives. Gwen has worked with Educating Matters for 7 years speaking about Diversity & Inclusion and Wellbeing.

She studied Psychology at the University of Utah and then trained to become a teacher in Special Education, working with children with severe behaviour disorders, autism and the at risk population. A mother of 4, she is very active in her children's schools. Political activism has always played a strong role in her life in causes such as: LGBT marriage rights, Animal Conservation, and Rock the Vote.

Location: Zoom