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Female Insurance Group - Keeping career fit in a changing world

Now that the traditional life arc of education, employment and retirement is on the wane and in its place is the prospect of a variety of careers, breaks and transitions, how can we remain relevant and appropriately skilled?

Duration: 1.5hrs

Event type: All day

Provided by: RPC

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And how do the changes in the traditional family unit impact on the shape of our careers? What new skills will help us to be sufficiently flexible to pivot in our careers and possibly hold a portfolio of roles that will sustain us over a much longer period than traditional employment can offer?

Our guest speaker is Geraldine Gallacher, MD of The Executive Coaching Consultancy. Geraldine has 20 years’ experience as an executive coach, specialising in the female career journey. Geraldine will share with us her perspective on what it will take to thrive in this changed landscape. Introducing her three spinning plates of Job Fitness, Career Fitness and Personal Fitness, she challenges the notion that being conscientious, hard-working and loyal is sufficient guarantee of job security in the long term. Her understanding of latest developments in neuroscience throw a positive light on our abilities to change and learn and she points to the importance of developing a “growth mindset”.

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