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FIG: Navigating Organisational Politics Positively

The Female Insurance Group (FIG) will be hosting its first Boardroom Ready webinar of 2021 with speaker Joanna Gaudoin on the topic of 'Office Politics'

Duration: 1hr

Event type: Webinar

Provided by: RPC

The term 'Office Politics' usually has a lot of negative connotations and indeed an inability to be able to navigate an organisation's formal processes and interact effectively with others at work can have far reaching adverse consequences. 

Conversely, when people understand how their organisation really works and are equipped with the skills and confidence to engage effectively with different people of varying seniority and personality type, there are many benefits for both the individual's career and the organisation. Often, a halt in an individual's career progression can indicate that they lack positive political intelligence. Once individuals are equipped with the awareness and skills of how to be positively politically intelligent then more effective working, better decision making and ultimately improved organisational and individual performance are the result. 

This short session will look at what organisational politics really is, why it occurs and some key skills you can put into practice to improve your political intelligence.


Joanna Gaudoin
Managing Director, Inside Out Image

Joanna specialises in helping ambitious professionals and their firms in Financial & Professional Services improve performance and achieve their goals. She does this by helping them master and strategically use the business skills of Personal Impact and Relationship Management. These skills are required for professional success. Before establishing Inside Out Image, Joanna worked in marketing and consultancy in large corporates. She understands the business world and its challenges. She now helps firms and individuals understand how to succeed in it.

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