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FIG: Storytelling and Authentic Leadership

Join us for the next session in our Boardroom ready series with Catherine McGregor, Author and Independent Advisor, who will be talking about Storytelling and Authentic Leadership

Duration: 1 hour

Event type: Webinar

Provided by: RPC

Many professional people have a challenging relationship with being a leader. For many women, given that leadership role models may be lacking, there’s an additional challenge.

The blueprints for finding a style of leadership that resonates with us and is authentic is often not there in our organisation. Authenticity in leadership is increasingly seen as desirable. It’s about being yourself. But what if your sense of self doesn’t include seeing yourself as a leader? How can you step into leadership but also keep connected with what makes you, you?

Storytelling is a fundamental means to connect with others. It’s also a way that leaders can show their authenticity and humanity. Storytelling will help leaders coalesce others around a purpose. But how can you build narratives around yourself and your leadership which are authentic but also allow you room to grow professionally?

In this session, author and management consultant Catherine McGregor will outline some ideas and practical techniques which can allow you to find your stories as a leader.

Speaker – Catherine McGregor, Management Consultant and author

Catherine is the author of the successful book focused on the business of law for legal departments, Business Thinking in Practice for In-House Counsel: Taking Your Seat at The Table. She runs her own company Catherine McGregor Research working as a consultant to law firms and legal departments around the world. Her work focuses on a range of areas including business thinking and law; the future of law; human centered skills; leadership; inclusion and diversity.

Prior to moving into the legal sector, Catherine gained a Ph.D and was a lecturer at universities in the UK and USA, including the Museum of Fine Arts School in Boston. Her website is www.catherinemcgregor.co.uk.

What is FIG?

FIG is the Female Insurance Group, founded by RPC in 2014 with the aim of promoting gender equality in the work place. The network, which now has over 1,000 members, aims to put women from across the insurance industry in touch with one another for support and professional development. We also run a programme of events, Boardroom Ready, for members of any gender to help equip them with the necessary confidence and skills to develop and excel into their workplaces.

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