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IAIR breakfast seminar

RPC will be hosting a breakfast seminar with the International Association of Insurance Receivers (IAIR)

Duration: 1hr

Event type: Seminar

Provided by: IAIR

This seminar will start with a discussion about Brexit followed by a panel session on the run-off industry, its development, and how investors currently view run-off in the context of an extended soft reinsurance market.


  • Vivien Tyrell, Partner, RPC
  • Michael Tagg, KPMG
  • Matthew Francis, Director, KPMG
  • Barry Gale, Partner, KPMG 
  • Robert Margetts, run-off acquirer, Compre
  • Richard Thompson, capital provider, CBPE Capital
  • Judith Zeleny, reinsurer, Munich Re
  • Simon Barnes, vendor, Zurich Legacy Solutions


US$30 members / US$40 non-members. IAIR members must log in to obtain the reduced registration fee.

Location: Past event