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Inaugural Medical & Life Sciences Forum

The Medical & Life Sciences team at RPC will be hosting a half day forum, featuring guest speakers from industry and the law and lively debate with the team.

Duration: 3 hrs

Event type: Conference

Provided by: RPC

The afternoon will focus on large scale, group litigation across the medical and products spheres, and will consider some of the hottest topics, including:

  • What lessons can be learned from Gee & Ors v DePuy 2018? We examine the implications of the most significant product liability judgment in recent years.
  • What causes these actions to arise? Looking at the "nocebo" effect, claimant solicitor campaigns and the role of the media.
  • What practical techniques and strategies can be used  to manage them? From court orders through to negotiation, we provide the top tips on dealing with group litigation.
  • How can insurers and manufacturers secure the best outcome? To include both financial and reputational management.
  • What can we expect in the future – where will the next claims come from? 

With insight from the teams that resolved both the Ian Paterson litigation and the Corin Metal on Metal group action, you will leave with an in-depth understanding of the drivers of group litigation, and of how best to combat these large scale claims.


Charles Dougherty QC

Professor Tom Kenny BM, MSc-PH(HSM), MFPH, MBA

Dorothy Flower, Partner, RPC

Pete Rudd-Clarke, Legal Director, RPC

Rowan Brown, Legal Director, RPC

Natalie Drew, Senior Associate, RPC

Genevieve Isherwood, Associate, RPC

Emma Kislingbury, Associate, RPC 

Location: Past event