Side corridor of lounge and a peek view of the docks.

Legal Practices Liability and Regulation

RPC seminar on legal practices liability and regulation in March.

Duration: 2hrs 10mins

Event type: Seminar

Provided by: RPC

We will be discussing the following topics:

  • Who needs a client account anyway?

    Examining techniques for de-risking client account liabilities

    - Graham Reid (RPC)

  • Legal professional privilege under strain

    Looking at the recent challenges to the scope of LPP and the emerging risk and regulation issues, including lessons from the USA

    - Laura Stocks (RPC) & Barry MacEntee (Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP)

  • Regulation and law at war

    Reviewing conflicts between regulation and common law in solicitors' duties

    - Nick Bird (RPC)

  • Cyber risk - what is really happening

    A review of crisis management and prevention in the legal sector. Are things better in the USA?

Location: Past event