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London Tech Week 2021

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a series of in-person events and experiences in a multifunctional collaboration space around London Tech Week this September.

Duration: 14 September - 23 September 2021

Event type: Seminar

Provided by: RPC


Join us as we bring together founders, award-winning authors, philanthropists, business leaders, pioneering women and investors to discuss the vital role technology plays in the UK's insurance, retail and consumer and tech sectors.


14 September 2021 at 15:00

Women who Tech, insights from a tech pioneer to a next gen innovator

We are honoured to host an exclusive keynote fireside chat between IT pioneer, award-winning author and former child refugee, Dame Stephanie Shirley and Alisha Arora, a 15-year-old Machine Learning Developer, Women’s Health Advocate, and philanthropist.


21 September 2021, 14:00 - 16.30

Focus on Insurance    

14.00 – Trends in insurtech 
Join us for this interactive roundtable discussion looking at the innovation being driven by insurtechs in the sector.

15.00 – The evolving role of tech in the claims process
The pace of technological innovation in insurance is being felt acutely by the claims teams at insurers and brokers alike. As insurance evolves, claims professionals are increasingly faced with technological advancements being used to improve the claims process, to the innovations and myriad associated risks being underwritten. Join us for a quickfire discussion about how technology is shaping claims and what’s likely to come next.

16.30 – Panel discussion – Disrupting insurance: anything to see here?
There has been a great deal of noise around digital disruption in the insurance industry with the emergence of new-age technologies forcing many insurers to rethink their business models and operations. The panel will take a closer look at the ongoing impact and speed of digital disruption in the sector, the innovative market entrants forcing change in the industry, threats and opportunities facing incumbent insurers and the digital technologies which have the greatest potential to disrupt the industry in the next decade.



22 September 2021

Focus on Digital  

13.30 - CFAAR Soft Launch - Lunch and Roundtable

The founding members of the Crypto Fraud and Asset Recovery (CFAAR) network will host a lunch and intimate roundtable event covering topical issues in the developing world of crypto-asset disputes


16.30 – Panel discussion – The digital economy: the trends influencing UK tech

The UK’s tech sector has seen huge growth in the past few years and is a hub for emerging technologies, disruptive ideas and purpose-driven tech. The speed of innovation as well as recent coverage in the courts and media have been met with a desire by authorities to take a more hands-on approach to regulating the sector. We are looking ahead at huge legal, policy and regulatory challenges, including enhanced data protection and privacy requirements, regulation around online harms (including the UK Government’s Online Safety Bill), tech considerations arising out of the pandemic and other ‘hot topic’ policy issues at the top of the agenda. Join the panel for a day of horizon scanning sessions, where we’ll take a look at what these developments mean for the market and how tech businesses can navigate those issues (and exploit future opportunities).


23 September 2021, 14:00 - 16.30

Focus on Retail and Consumer 

14.00 – Buy now, pay later: what’s coming down the line?
The meteoric rise of BNPL schemes in the retail sector and the regulation coming down the track for current unregulated deferred payment products.

15.00 – Esports and gaming takeover
It’s amazing how old it can sound to still be saying that the esports and gaming industries are huge – and are exploding. But it is a truism nonetheless and the data doesn’t lie. Valuations are continuing to grow; brand engagement and the interrelation between traditional sports, influencers, non-endemic consumer brands shows no signs of slowing; and the prominence of gaming arenas on our high streets and the return of physical gaming expos and competitions around the world underline the importance of esports and gaming to other industries as well. Join us for a discussion bringing together a variety of stakeholder voices to discuss what’s on the horizon including sponsorships, gambling reforms and influencer marketing rules.

16.30 – NFTs masterclass: the tech transforming retail and consumer
Technological advancements are being tested and implemented by retail and consumer goods businesses at an unprecedented pace, at all stages of the retail chain. Our panel will take a closer look at retail’s digital transformation and the technologies shaping the future of the industry including a special session on the rise of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the potential they hold for retailers and brands to tap into the growth of virtual worlds and connect with consumers.



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