Mind the (cyber) gap

In this insurance seminar, we will consider some of the hurdles to growth in the cyber insurance market, including issues arising from policy wordings and potential gaps in cover.

Duration: 1h

Event type: Seminar

Provided by: Hong Kong office

With global cyber-attacks and cyber-related incidents on the rise, conditions are arguably ripe for cyber insurance sales to take off. Consumers are more aware of the risks than ever before, creating a real opportunity for insurers to expand into cyber coverage. Despite this, and bullish predictions for rapid growth, the market for cyber insurance still has a long way to go to meet the industry's lofty targets. This seminar seeks to explore some of the key challenges faced by insurers seeking to conquer the cyber space.

As we see it, one of the major roadblocks hindering the market's growth is the difficulty faced by businesses in assessing their coverage needs and understanding potential gaps in their exposure, especially given that most insureds enjoy some form of cyber cover in their traditional insurance policies. Matching policies with exposures and comparing the options available tends to be problematic. This interactive session aims to 'crack the code' by reviewing a number of mock policy wordings, with a view to assessing some of the key differences in cover between standalone cyber policies and other standard coverages.

The CPD points for these seminars are being applied for with The Law Society of Hong Kong.

Location: Past event