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Private Prosecutions: When, why and how to bring them?

Join our upcoming webinar with Red Lion Chambers, providing practical guidance on when, why and how to bring a private prosecution.

Duration: 1 hour

Event type: Webinar

Provided by: RPC

Private prosecutions can be a useful tool for victims of crime who have not been able to obtain justice, particularly in cases where traditional government agencies have insufficient time or resource to investigate and pursue a criminal prosecution. Private prosecutions are increasingly used in relation to insurance, intellectual property, broadcasting and white-collar crime offences. This webinar will be useful to businesses (and their advisers) who have been the victim of crime and who wish to consider bringing a private prosecution.

Michael Goodwin QC of Red Lion Chambers, Adam Craggs, Michelle Sloane and Alice Kemp, all of RPC, will explore the important issues which need to be carefully considered and arm you with the tools you need when considering bringing a private prosecution.

In this webinar we will explain:

What a private prosecution is
Who can bring a private prosecution, and when a private prosecution may be brought
The steps involved in bringing a private prosecution
The potential issues and pitfalls to be aware of
Recent case developments

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