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Psychiatric injury and secondary victims: a legal diagnosis

At our next Medical and Life Sciences webinar Emma Kislingbury and James Davies will be examining alleged psychiatric injury and secondary victim claims.

Duration: 30 minutes

Event type: Webinar

Provided by: RPC

Any medical malpractice claim can include alleged psychiatric injury, and we are increasingly seeing such claims being brought in addition to the 'physical' injury. "Secondary victim" claims have long been contentious and the case law has continued to evolve over the years, most recently (and significantly) in the decision of Paul v The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust which was handed down in June 2020. The impact of either can mean a significant award in damages. In this webinar, intended for Insurers and Insureds alike, we will cover: 

  • Growth areas in claims for psychiatric injury, including cosmetic surgery claims;
  • Top tips for challenging and defending claims for psychiatric injury;
  • The limited circumstances in which a secondary victim claim might succeed;
  • The impact on secondary victim claims of the recent decision in Paul v The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust [2020] EWHC 1415 (QB).

Location: Past event