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Wrongful birth: potential pitfalls and practical steps

It is no secret that wrongful birth claims present some of the most complex and challenging issues in medical malpractice. When the child has a disability, they can also be some of the largest value claims Insurers will face.

Duration: 1 hr 15 min

Event type: Seminar

Provided by: RPC

We will be looking at the key issues and potential pitfalls of such litigation, and will provide the essential toolkit for insurers.  

In the seminar we will cover: 

  • The impact of recent case law including the Court of Appeal decision in Khan v MNX [2018]  
  • Examining the 'patient journey' through the antenatal process, and the risks for certain Insureds 
  • Practical guidance for investigating liability and quantum  
  • Possible defences  
  • Applying the principles of vicarious liability and non­delegable duty of care  
  • Accurate reserving for large­scale claims  

Location: Past event