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DSAR Response

Designed to minimise stress and maximise compliance. We offer tailored packages to respond to specific circumstances.

Receiving a DSAR request can be a daunting prospect for any organisation – let us take the stress out of it and help you with the legwork. 

Individuals may, under the UK GDPR, request of any organisation a copy of all their personal information held and how it is being used.  With a tight regulatory timeframe and the potential need for significant document review this can be a challenging prospect for most businesses. Not least as DSARs are often a precursor to employment proceedings or other litigation. 

As trusted data protection advisers to some of the world’s best-known companies and brands We advise on a wide range of GDPR and ePrivacy issues. But you may not need the full package – just some straightforward support to your specific DSAR situation. 

That's why we offer a three packages product to support DSARs.  Each combines advice from our internal technology specialists and data advisory lawyers and filtering of datasets using our third party software platform.  And because organisations – and DSARs - come in different shapes and sizes our bronze, silver and gold support packages are tailored to respond to specific circumstances ensuring a consistent approach but without you incurring unnecessary costs.

Get in touch for more information on how our DSAR response options can help you. 


Jon Bartley


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Jon Bartley

Case study

Project Primrose 

A not-for-profit organisation received a DSAR request from a former employee as part of a grievance procedure. The number of documents requiring review as part of the request and the inclusion of large volumes of third-party personal data meant that a disproportionate volume of review hours would be incurred to complete the exercise.

Using our DSAR Response product we were able to conduct a cost-efficient exercise by refining the set of searches used to identify documents needing to be reviewed, using software to apply bulk redactions to third-party personal data, and by using our in-house team of personal data review specialists and data advisory lawyers to deliver the right result for our client.


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