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A dedicated crisis management offering to resolve your regulatory challenges or crisis situation – fast.

From dawn raids to product recalls, our experienced consultants are here to help. 

When a crisis interrupts the regular flow of your business, you need to act fast. Whether a regulatory incident has occurred, or a crisis situation has upended your day-to-day, you need a crisis management firm that can help get you back on track.

ReAssure is here to minimise risk and costly regulatory issues for your business, while safeguarding against future incidents. 

A comprehensive crisis management team tailored to your needs

Our ReAssure crisis management offering is tailored to your specific business case. Using the expertise of all our legal and regulatory experts, we act on your behalf as an all-in-one crisis management consultant. When you need unparalleled support, bring in the experts. 

Services to address your specific crisis situation 

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The kinds of support that our ReAssure team can provide includes: 

Risk management 

To minimise the risk of escalation : 

  • Response planning and internal guidance
  • Crisis simulation and management training
  • Crisis risk assessments and health-checks

Crisis response

In a crisis we’ll work with your teams on: 

  • Self-reporting requirement advice
  • Legal representation at prosecuting authority interviews
  • Dawn raid and regulator visit on-site assistance
  • RPC Raid Response app - dawn raid live incident reporting
  • 24/7 crisis helpline


As the dust settles we will help you with: 

  • Preparation and representation at trial or regulatory proceedings
  • Internal investigation into allegations or failed compliance
  • Public and investor relations communications strategy

ReAssure can address a wide range of crisis situations 

No matter the size or scope of your situation, your dedicated crisis management consultant will work with you to get your business back on track tackling: 

  • Dawn raids
  • Corporate investigations
  • Data breach responses
  • Health & safety incidents
  • Product recalls
  • Third-party risk management 

To learn more about how ReAssure can work for you, please reach out to a member of our crisis management team. 

For immediate support, call our 24/7 Crisis Management Helpline on +44 20 3060 6551. 


Gavin Reese

Partner, Head of Regulatory

+44 20 3060 6895


Gavin Reese

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