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Focused on professional negligence, D&O, and Employers' Liability sectors, ReSolve aims to quickly settle pre-action, lower value cases at minimal cost.

ReSolve offers a fixed fee service for lower value defence claims.

Comprising a team of specialist paralegals sitting alongside our insurance team, ReSolve provides proportionate and commercial resourcing at the appropriate level to keep costs low, giving you an alternative defence option. 

Operating within the professional negligence sector as well as D&O and Employers' Liability, our focus is to drive pre-action, lower value cases towards a quick settlement, with the object of minimising your costs and maintaining a high-quality legal service.

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Lesley Hannah

Senior Associate

+44 7912 560253


Lesley Hannah

Case study

We were instructed to defend a professional negligence claim. Our early examination suggested the claim was poor and based on unrealistic analysis by the claimant litigant. However, the claimant was extremely vexatious and already causing reputational damage. We advised the swiftest resolution would be to issue a robust rebuttal letter, and pursue a nuisance value commercial settlement if necessary, to avoid incurring irrecoverable costs and allow the us to impose a confidentially clause to stop further damage.  

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