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Construction and projects

We're reforming how lawyers do construction and projects business. Why? Because we believe lawyers - just like those in your industry - have to keep delivering savings!

Known for creative thinking and innovation, whether for construction or outsourcing, our 17 lawyers will help you find your solution quickly and cost-effectively.

We don't hide behind detail or the law, nor do we waste time on issues that don't get you anywhere. For transactions, we adopt realistic allocations of risk from the start and look for ways to make savings by deconstructing repetitive processes. This saves you time and money.

For disputes we use our bespoke Dispute Navigator tool, to give immediate valuations of risk. We maintain that without focusing always on the likely value of the outcome, lawyers cannot give the best advice about strategy – whether that's about the scope of investigatory resources, the value of settlement at any stage or how our opponents may be seeing the same dispute.

We give you complete cost transparency too. We quote our prices clearly - and stick to them.

Where we need to work alongside lawyers in other jurisdictions, we are part of the TerraLex network and have access to over 150 law firms in 100 jurisdictions across the globe.

Our perspective

Drones: don't fly out of bounds (legally)

Published on 27 July 2016. By Andrew Crystal, Senior Associate

Andrew Crystal

Various commercial industries have already woken up to the myriad opportunities offered by drone technologies. Whilst the regulatory regime evolves, it is important that companies don’t fall foul of the law.

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