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Over the past two decades, we have gone from a nation of shopkeepers to shoppers operating in a global marketplace.

Retail is a competitive and fast moving sector and understanding customers' needs and intentions are as vital as the goods and services being sold. Facing a diversity of issues, our retail clients need to constantly evolve and re-position their businesses to keep customers loyal and increase market share across all channels, whilst protecting their brands against counterfeiters and fraud.

With some of the most well-known retailers as clients, we understand the pressure points they face. We help them keep ahead of the curve by combining the best elements of our firm – award-winning service and advice – with the flexibility to help them shape and deliver new products and services. All this set against an increasingly complex regulatory landscape.  We provide a simple and frictionless experience, underpinned by putting our clients' needs and wants at the heart of every instruction.



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