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Alex Matheson

Alex is a sharp technology lawyer. He is a former software programmer, is qualified as a barrister and a higher-rights solicitor and is researching AI at doctoral level at Oxford.

Alex changed career to become a lawyer after over 10 years in the software sector where he worked as a programmer and taught software and proprietary coding languages. He has been listed as an international expert in his field by a group at the National Institute of Science and Technology.

Alex is qualified as both a barrister and a solicitor and has been awarded both civil and criminal higher rights. He practises as a solicitor-advocate. 

Alex has spoken at industry conferences, has had his work published in the Financial Times' FT Adviser supplement and has peer-reviewed research papers by other experts for an international journal. 

Outside of work, Alex is pursuing leading-edge research into artificial intelligence with Oxford University's Faculty of Law as well as an Executive Masters in Business Administration with London Business School.