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Ridvan Canbilen

Ridvan specialises in advising organisations on their regulatory and contractual obligations following cyber incidents. He also helps organisations navigate tech PI and defamation claims to a successful resolution.

Working closely with the wider cyber team across Bristol and London as well as the media team, Ridvan advises a range of corporates to help them navigate through their regulatory obligations and their interactions with supervisory bodies including the ICO, SRA Charities Commission and others. In contentious matters, he advises insurers on coverage and liability issues as well as being a trusted advisor to insureds in the defence of tech-related claims.

Before joining RPC, Ridvan had gained a range of experience at other international firms and an investment bank, where his practice primarily comprised contentious and non-contentious finance and construction matters.

Ridvan has a keen interest in the transformative power of technology in legal practice and the insurance industry generally. He also enjoys building and piloting semi-autonomous aircraft.


Alex Vakil and Ridvan Canbilen, 'Striking Out of Privacy and Confidence Actions in the Dixons Data Breach Case' [2022] 33(1) Entertainment Law Review 34-36