Lessons from lockdown 1

Lessons from Lockdown - Conducting AGMs in Hong Kong

Published on 18 June 2020

Recent world events have forced us to rethink some of the basics of doing business.

Practices that we previously took for granted, such as running an annual general meeting (AGM), have become difficult, or even potential breaches of government health guidelines. However, going forwards, companies can apply the lessons learned during the period of isolation or lockdown to promote greater efficiencies.

This article provides some practical guidance on the options available for conducting AGMs virtually, and covers the following topics:

• When is an AGM required?
• Written resolutions
• Can an AGM be held virtually?
•  Notice of AGM
• Can people who attend an AGM virtually be counted in the quorum and vote?
• Guidelines on virtual attendance
• Future planning
• Listed companies
• Cyber security concerns and best practice
• Conclusion

This article focusses chiefly on private companies in Hong Kong but listed companies are discussed briefly.

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