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The changing role of General Counsel

06 May 2015

The role of the General Counsel (GC) in the modern business has changed immeasurably in the years since the financial crisis took hold.

These days management boards expect their GCs to be more than just lawyers – they need them to be business advisers, too. At RPC, we've been getting to the heart of this changing environment and finding out more about what the present, and the future, looks like for GCs.


To read the research piece we sponsored on the changing role of GCs, please follow this link.

And here, Legal Business list their top 100 GCs in the UK for 2013.

Looking Inside and Inside View are two magazines examining the challenges facing the in-house lawyer, how the role of the General Counsel is changing and the ever shifting legal services market.


Legal Week Intelligence surveyed more than 100 people in the insurance industry about the ever evolving relationship between corporate and claims teams and their external advisers. We backed the research.