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10 February 2020

Degree of progress

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2 – Mid-phase

3 – Likely to pass imminently

Name of Bill



Automated Facial Recognition Technology (Moratorium and Review) Bill

A bill to prohibit the use of automated facial recognition technology in public places and to provide for a review of its use.


Data Protection (Independent Complaint) Bill A bill to amend the Data Protection Act 2018 to grant representative bodies and organisations power to exercise independent complaint and remedy rights on behalf of data subjects 1
Environment Bill A Bill to make provision about targets, plans and policies for improving the natural environment; for statements and reports about environmental protection; for the Office for Environmental Protection; about waste and resource efficiency; about air quality; for the recall of products that fail to meet environmental standards; about water; about nature and biodiversity; for conservation covenants; about the regulation of chemicals; and for connected purposes. 1
Equal Pay Bill A bill to make provision for a right for employees to obtain information relating to the pay of a comparator; to reform remedies and time limits relating to equal pay; to provide a right to equal pay where a single source can rectify unequal pay; to amend the statutory statement of particulars to include equal pay; to provide for requirements on certain employers to publish information about the differences in pay between male and female employees and between employees of different ethnic origins; and for related purposes. 1
Fisheries Bill A bill to make provision in relation to fisheries, fishing, aquaculture and marine conservation; to make provision about the functions of the Marine Management Organisation; and for connected purposes. 1
National Minimum Wage Bill A Bill to make provision about the national minimum wage; and for connected purposes.
Pension Schemes Bill
A bill to make provision about pension schemes. 1
Pensions (Amendment) Bill A Bill to amend the Pensions Act 2004 and the Companies Act 2006 to remove the cap on compensation payments under the Pension Protection Fund and to require the approval of pension scheme trustees and the Pensions Regulator for the distribution of dividends.
Unpaid Work Experience (Prohibition) Bill A Bill to make provision for the prohibition of unpaid work experience exceeding four weeks; and for connected purposes. 1
Workforce Information Bill A bill to make provision for certain employers to be required to publish information about differences in pay relative to protected characteristics. 1