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The scope of a valuer's duty post Manchester Building Society and Khan – the Privy Court's view

Published on 03 February 2022. By Alexandra Anderson, Partner and Katharine Cusack, Partner and Charles Underwood, Trainee Solicitor

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In Charles B Lawrence & Associates v Intercommercial Bank Ltd (Trinidad and Tobago) [2021] UKPC 30 , the Privy Council was tasked with applying the reformulated "scope of duty principle" derived from Manchester Building Society and Khan to a valuer's negligence claim in which the title to the secured land was also defective.

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Insect protein, a market ready for metamorphosis

Published on 25 February 2021. By Charles Underwood, Trainee Solicitor

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Mealworm arancini to start, followed by Mezcal worm tacos with guacamole and grasshopper bacon bits. For dessert, cricket flour brownies. All washed down with a delicious Mezcal margarita.

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