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The Archers does Insurance – a light-hearted look at coverage issues following the Grey Gables explosion

Published on 27 March 2020. By Sian Morgan, Partner

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For radio aficionados, the long running radio soap The Archers is a welcome daily escape from daily life. However, the last few episodes have not been without their drama. For a medmal insurance lawyer looking to unwind after a day of (home)working, there are a number of taxing fictional issues to which one can turn one's mind.

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Court of Appeal overturns decision on confidentiality in Huntington’s case

Published on 17 May 2017. By Sian Morgan, Partner

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The Court of Appeal ruled that clinicians treating a man with Huntington’s Disease (HD) may have owed a duty of care to disclose his condition to his daughter and that the case should be remitted for trial.

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