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Upcoming changes to data protection legislation in Asia

Published on 22 December 2020. By Jonathan Crompton, Partner and Summer Montague, Partner and Stephanie Northcott, Senior Associate and Sumyutha Sivamani , Senior Associate and Sakshi Buttoo, Registered Foreign Lawyer

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The data privacy landscape in Asia is varied, complex and evolving. We are already seeing the wheels of change in motion as the data privacy laws of several Asian jurisdictions are being updated to reflect more closely the European data protection regime. This article summarises some of those changes.

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Signing documents during COVID-19 in Hong Kong

Published on 14 April 2020. By Jason Carmichael, Partner and Stephanie Northcott, Senior Associate

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This blog gives some practical advice on using electronic signatures in Hong Kong to sign documents during the Covid-19 restrictions, including where signatories and others are working from home without access to usual printing and scanning facilities.

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