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Trainees Take on 2018: can we predict the unpredictable?

Published on 08 February 2018. By Daisy Fulton, Trainee Solicitor and Anna Greco, Trainee Solicitor and Leah Wood, Trainee Solicitor and Sami Thompson, Trainee Solicitor and Sarah Newby, Trainee Solicitor and Matthew Plampton, Trainee Solicitor

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Despite the rollercoaster that was 2017, our trainees did fairly well in predicting its twists and turns, including that Trump would continue without restraint on Twitter. In an attempt to continue our success, the trainees have submitted their predictions for 2018. Disclaimer: we failed to foresee the rise in Bitcoin last year (and therefore must continue to work), so please do not rely on the below for your investment advice! Read on to see our bets on Brexit, US Politics, the World Cup and 'automated bundling'!

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