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Cadwalladr judgment is 'important vindication' for freedom of expression

Published on 13 June 2022

International law firm RPC reacts to High Court libel trial, as Guardian and Observer journalist wins against Brexit campaigner Arron Banks

Commenting on today's judgment on the high-profile libel case, which found in favour of RPC's client, investigative journalist Carole Cadwalladr, Keith Mathieson, Partner and head of RPC's media team, said: 

"Today's judgment is an important vindication not just of Carole, but of the right of everyone to express themselves freely on matters of public interest.  

"The judge undertook a highly detailed and careful examination of what Carole said in the statements Mr Banks sued on and rightly found that Carole was entitled to say what she honestly and reasonably believed based on years of investigation.  

"The judgment gives significant support to the public interest defence in the law of defamation and the protection it offers journalists, bloggers and others to contribute to public debate on serious issues."

Carole Cadwalladr was represented by Keith Mathieson and Thomas Otter.