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International law firm RPC hosts five female voices in its special edition of Taxing Matters podcast in recognition of International Women’s Day 2021

Published on 08 March 2021

To celebrate International Women's Day on 8th March, international law firm RPC has recorded a special edition of its Taxing Matters podcast. The episode is available on Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

Click here to listen to the special edition Podcast.

The series, which has been running since July 2020, discusses the latest news and developments in UK tax law.

Going live on today, the seventeenth episode of this increasingly popular podcast series features five female guests who have all strived to encourage diversity and inclusion within the tax and finance industry. Offering valuable insight into the challenges they have faced as women in their careers, they discuss their different perspectives on how to increase diversity in the workplace. 

The five special guests are: 

  1. Sarah Fahy, Former Vice President of Tax at Sony, 
  2. Emma Agyemang, Global Tax Correspondent at Financial Times;  
  3. Sofia Thomas Founder of Thomas Consulting; 
  4. Heather Self, Partner at Blick Rothenberg 
  5. Valentina Sloane QC, Monckton Chambers

Alice Kemp, Employed Barrister at RPC and host of the show says "The popularly held image of tax as a male dominated space is not true – and hasn't been true for some time. But this shift to a more equal space is not enough. 

"In order to create a diverse and inclusive space where different perspectives and ideas flourish, we need to change the nature of the perception as well. And that means amplifying different voices. That is what this International Women's Day special episode of Taxing Matters is about, amplifying the voices of those who really are the ones shaping the tax landscape." 

Featured guest, Sarah Fahy, Former Vice President of Tax at Sony adds “I was delighted to be asked to contribute to this special podcast because I believe it is vitally important that women coming into the workplace and looking to advance in their career have strong role models who are prepared to share their experiences and offer support.  That wasn’t really available for me at the start of my career, and I struggled at times as a result.  Sadly we are still a long way off true equality in the workplace and I think business and society are much the poorer for it – there is a huge body of evidence that teams that are truly diverse and inclusive are so much more successful than those that are not.” 

Robert Waterson, Partner at RPC and founder of the Taxing Matters Podcast series says, "RPC is delighted to promote International Women's Day and all it represents. Working to achieve equality and diversity in the professional world is not just about doing the right thing, it makes businesses smarter, stronger and more relevant."