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Navigator Equities v Deripaska

Published on 17 July 2020

Please see below a statement by Andy McGregor, Partner at the city headquartered law firm RPC and Mr Deripaska's solicitor.

"Mr Deripaska is delighted to have been vindicated by the judge's findings. Mr Chernukhin applied for Mr Deripaska to be committed to prison for alleged breaches of his undertaking given to the Court in relation to the Continuance of En+ from Jersey to Russia. Mr Justice Andrew Baker held that Mr Deripaska committed no such breaches and further dismissed the application brought by Mr Chernukhin on the basis that it was abusive and based on evidence that was misleading and/or not the whole truth in material respects. In so doing, the judge found that the contempt application was presented to the Court in a clumsy, heavy-handed, aggressively partisan fashion that was inappropriate, vexatious and unfair to Mr Deripaska.

Mr Chernukhin is also now seeking to discontinue separate proceedings against Mr Deripaska that Mr Justice Andrew Baker noted involved allegations of dishonesty on the basis of a document that had not been investigated properly and in respect of which there was no evidence as to its authenticity. It is Mr Deripaska's firm belief that the document was forged on Mr Chernukhin's behalf."

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