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RPC announces association with Giltspur focused on German banking sector

Published on 15 May 2017

City-headquartered law firm RPC will work with well-known corporate finance and advisory firm Giltspur Capital to offer advisory, investigatory and legal solutions to clients in the German banking sector.

The service will be called Giltspur RPC Financial and will draw on expertise from EXCELLORY – a German consulting business – to offer clients a range of services, including:

  • Review of contracts/structures
  • Updating policies/procedures
  • Dispute resolution and risk mitigation strategies
  • Litigation funding solutions
  • Restructuring/asset disposals
  • New asset acquisitions/hedges
  • Regulatory capital relief

Simon Hart – a Partner in RPC's Commercial Litigation team – said: "It is well known that the German banking sector has been dealing with some fundamental structural issues over the past few years driven by a range of factors, including the low interest rate environment, European sovereign risk and regulatory pressure.


"The unique combination of services offered by Giltspur RPC Financial will help our clients identify any internal issues quickly, and then offer commercial solutions that mitigate future financial risk.


"In those situations where our client might be wrestling with a potential dispute with counterparties or other third parties, then given our strong track record handling banking-related disputes – including experience for German clients – RPC is well placed to help navigate those complex waters."


John Deacon of Giltspur said: "The need for a targeted approach to resolve strategic and tactical issues facing the German banking sector is pressing, and with a multi-disciplinary skillset ranging across the financial and legal fields, and building on strong German contacts and experience, Giltspur RPC Financial aims to deploy its particular expertise in finding solutions to even the most complex problems facing our clients."


Giltspur RPC Financial begins operations in mid-May 2017.