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RPC announces Gender Pay Gap figures

Published on 29 March 2018

City-headquartered professional services firm RPC has announced its 2017 Gender Pay Gap figures for the UK.

The median data shows that non-Partner female employees are paid 30% less than men. The gap amongst the partnership is smaller, at 4.7%. The median bonus GPG for non-Partner employees is 56%. Our overall GPG, including Partners, is 45.7% median. 

RPC Managing Partner James Miller said: "The gap between what women and men are paid on average across all parts of the business is larger than we would like it to be.

"Our overall GPG exists principally because, on average, men and women are distributed differently across the business, with more men employed in senior positions and more women in administrative/support roles. Our secretarial population, for example, is 98% female. Inevitably this creates a wider pay gap than we would hope to see.

"Amongst our non-Partner lawyer population, the median and mean gaps are more encouraging, at 19% and 14% respectively. And, looking at our Associates, the gap narrows further to 7% and 6%. We are totally committed to closing those gaps as quickly as possible."

Over the course of the last few years, RPC has put in place a number of initiatives aimed at narrowing the gap, including enhancing both maternity and shared parental leave packages, driving a culture of flexible working, and developing a coaching programme for new parents and their managers.

The firm is also introducing a gender balanced sponsorship and development programme for high performing Associates, as well as ensuring that gender balance is built into succession planning.

Director of People & Talent Development at RPC, Rachel Street, said: "We are pleased of what we’ve achieved so far but recognise we have a lot further to go. We welcome the measurement and transparency that the UK Government’s Gender Pay Gap regulations bring, and are committed to making like-for-like improvements every year."