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RPC joins Sustainable Recruitment Alliance

Published on 11 August 2020

City headquartered law firm RPC has joined the launch of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance, which encourages the UK graduate recruitment industry to find more sustainable ways of attracting early talent and reducing their carbon footprint.

The Sustainable Recruitment Alliance provides tips and resources to help participating organisations take the small steps necessary to change their habits and preserve the environment for the early talent that they recruit through:

  • Reviewing their own processes and thinking about ways of modifying their existing practices to become more sustainable and carbon-friendly.
  • Reducing their carbon footprint and the environmental impact of early talent recruitment activities, through the reduced use of physical branding materials and merchandise, as well as limiting travel to recruitment events. 
  • Reporting annually on their progress and publishing the environmental impact that the changes they are making are having. 

To become part of this positive movement, sign the pledge here

Find out more about the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance here.