Outside glass view of RPC building.

RPC Launches Global Access Lawyers with Cohort of Leading Insurance Law Practices

Published on 20 May 2021

International law firm RPC has today launched Global Access Lawyers; a connected global offering providing insurer clients easy access to recognised insurance law specialists across the globe.

Global Access Lawyers firms include RPC in the UK and Asia, Colin Biggers & Paisley in Australia, Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP in the USA, Miller Thomson LLP in Canada, Kennedy Van Der Laan in the Netherlands and HMN & Partners in France.  
The 6 Global Access Lawyers firms have 43 offices and more than 2,000 lawyers between them. This insurance sector focused platform will sit alongside RPC's TerraLex membership, which is one of the largest global law firm networks with 163 member firms in 100 countries.
Commenting on the launch of Global Access Lawyers, Simon Laird, partner and global head of insurance at RPC, said:

“We are excited to be launching Global Access Lawyers today with our friends around the world. Having known each other for a while, Global Access Lawyers offers our insurer clients a platform through which to more easily access the combined talents of these leading insurance law practices.  
"The concept has been developed in line with client feedback. Global Access Lawyers will be a global sounding board for insurers, helping them to navigate the challenges of building profitable books of business across the globe.  In addition to the insight, we can provide our clients with access to the resources and capabilities of each firm in times of need, as well as continuing to work together on significant overseas and cross-border exposures.
"At its core, Global Access Lawyers brings a group of insurance law specialists together, that share many of the same clients as well as a passion for the sector, who get on with each other and are determined to explore new ways of working together to help our clients.  It is the authenticity of it all that will end up being the most powerful force in delivering even better client service for insurers across the globe."


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