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Where high culture meets Big Data

Published on 06 June 2018

High culture will meet Big Data head on at an upcoming fine art “treasure hunt” hosted by City-headquartered law firm, RPC

Insurance professionals will be able to experience, first-hand, the opportunities presented by the rapidly evolving InsurTech market at the interactive “whodunnit” – style event to be held on 13 June.  

The innovative idea came from younger members of RPC’s team and will be hosted in conjunction with The Lloyd’s Market Association U35 Claims Group, Lloyd’s Marine U35 Insurance Group and NGIN.

The aim is to help promote understanding of what InsurTech means for the insurance industry and to gain practical insight into the benefits digital solutions could bring, with particular emphasis on leveraging the power of Big Data.

The event features a scenario-based workshop in which delegates will be tasked with investigating a fictional art gallery theft, giving them the chance to put their data-crunching skills to the test and see how this fits into the broader InsurTech changes facing the market.

The scenario involves a quirky, fictional gallery, dubbed “The Dataesque Gallery”, whose operational set-up and security measures are so unusual that even identifying which valuable artwork is missing is a puzzle in itself. 

Delegates will use data analysis to identify what has been stolen, when, how and who by, in order to help the gallery avoid paying its huge excesses on its losses. Working in teams, they will have to work out if it was an inside job, a case of organised crime, or whether the missing artwork had simply been misplaced.

The session features key insights from RPC’s Global Head of Insurance Simon Laird, together with data analysis training using Excel.

The event is open to a broad spectrum of the insurance industry, including claims handlers, underwriters, adjustors and startups.

Simon Laird, Global Head of Insurance at RPC said, “This is set to be an extremely fun as well as informative event, and it says a lot about our young people here at RPC who came up with the concept. We’re delighted to be championing their innovative ideas.”

“This event will be an attempt to bridge the gap, bringing together insurance professionals from different specialisms and from all stages of their careers. By framing it as an engaging “whodunnit” with a serious message, the goal is to make this interactive workshop as memorable and as instructive as possible, demonstrating the value in data on the claims side of insurance business and hopefully making people think a bit differently about the value of claims data in the future.”