Outside glass view of RPC building.


Clients need advisers who can help them make critical commercial decisions. At RPC, you get access to the brightest and best minds operating at the top of their individual markets.

RPC Legal

Great law is built on relationships. It helps if you actually get on with the lawyers you work with. Clients want smart lawyers they enjoy working with. We understand our clients want unstuffy advice fit for today's complex business world. And we understand the need for specialist advice.

RPC Consulting

We help those in insurance and related sectors do things better. We draw on our team of actuaries, accountants, MBAs and PHDs - all of whom specialise in insurance - to service our clients.

Centre for Legal Leadership

Meet the General Counsel's Counsel. Develop your career, lead your legal team, and find your peer network at The Centre for Legal Leadership.

Giltspur RPC Financial

Giltspur RPC Financial is a seamless service designed to assist German financial institutions in solving today’s unique business challenges.