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About us

We draw on our team of actuaries, accountants, MBAs and PHDs - all of whom specialise in insurance - to service our clients.

The insurance sector constantly presents unique challenges. Many of these require detailed technical skill and industry knowledge to solve. RPC Consulting understands these challenges and has the experience, capability and tools to effectively address these complexities.

Our actuarial and insurance management consulting teams can help you optimise capital, develop effective rating structures, manage risks, comply with regulation, boost profitability, and formulate an effective strategy to keep all of your stakeholders happy.

In addition to the strong, technical and management consulting insurance specialism, we also utilise our world-class actuarial software, Tyche, to support the value added projects we undertake on behalf of our clients.

Tyche spectacularly reduces run times to minutes. It lets you build complex models in a fraction of the time you previously needed. The speed and usability helps to make models part of the daily business discussion.


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