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Actuarial consulting

Capital optimisation, Solvency II, price optimisation, negative interest rates, soft markets - whatever challenges you face, count on us for fresh thinking and new ideas.

As the role of the actuary has changed in recent years, so have we.

We provide all the traditional actuarial consultancy services - both in general and life insurance. These include reserving, pricing (both commercial and personal lines), capital, and catastrophe modelling. We also advise on risk management, regulation, and valuation.

But that's not all. We bring new ideas and new approaches. Tyche, for example, is our powerful and flexible software that will help you solve any modelling problem and we do mean any modelling problem. We've built tool kits within Tyche that will take much of the repetitive and hard work out before you start. This means you can build transparent, useful models quicker than ever before.

This combination of innovative software and expert consulting will keep you ahead of the curve in a rapidly changing environment.



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