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Management consulting

We help insurance companies solve problems. Whether you want to boost profitability, create a new direct channel, dispose of a subsidiary, reduce expenses or implement a strategic plan, we can help.

Our management consulting team has developed a comprehensive range of services for the insurance sector.

Governance and risk - We can help improve all aspects of your governance framework and manage your overall risk exposure. We develop and deliver training for all staff and directors.

Financial advisory - We can review your financial operating structures and deliver transformational improvements. We can review discrete areas like Pricing or the Claims Function, assess the quality of your MI, or streamline your reserving.

Operations - We assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the current operating model, recommend improvements and manage implementation. We deliver cost management reviews and plans to drive out savings.

Strategy - We help insurers develop and implement new market, channel and/or product strategies. We advise on M&A opportunities and undertake commercial due diligence.

Change Management - Our work is underpinned by a robust approach to People and Change Management. We provide clients with expert programme design and leadership for their most strategic projects.



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