Tribunal confirms no tax due on disposal of property held on trust for taxpayer's brother

Topic: Tax Take 18.07.2024 Read more

The Supreme Court clarifies the law on the recovery of damages for non-pecuniary damage arising out of a maliciously false statement

Topic: Media 18.07.2024 Read more

Employer lessons from teacher's menopause bias win

Topic: Employment 17.07.2024 Read more

AI in Construction

Topic: Construction 16.07.2024 Read more
Signpost pointing in different directions

Tribunal confirms loans from remuneration trust were disguised remuneration

Topic: Tax Take 11.07.2024 Read more

FCA Review of Consumer Duty Outcomes Monitoring Across the Insurance Industry

Topic: Professional and Financial Risks 10.07.2024 Read more

UK government updates NSIA market guidance and statement on call-in powers

Topic: RPC Big Deal 10.07.2024 Read more

Crypto damages quantification: valuation at the date of breach or date of judgment?

Topic: Commercial Disputes

Published by Dan Wyatt, Partner and more.

In Southgate v. Graham [2024] EWHC 1692 (Ch), the High Court addressed an appeal from the County Court concerning inter alia the appropriate date for assessing damages in a cryptocurrency loan dispute. Initially, the County Court determined that the damages should be based on the cryptocurrency's fiat value at the breach date. Due to the volatility of the cryptocurrency, this decision would have resulted in significantly lower fiat damages award than if the valuation were based on a later date. The High Court allowed the valuation date part of the appeal, directing a further hearing to establish the appropriate date.

10.07.2024 Read more

The Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive expert briefing

Topic: Regulatory updates 08.07.2024 Read more

AI in auditing: Embracing a new age for the profession

Topic: Artificial intelligence

Published by Ash Daniells, Senior Associate

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a rather new concept for many (ignoring those versed in 80’s Sci-Fi movies); it’s something many don’t know much about and certainly don’t use in our day-to-day lives (or at least appreciate we are using). However, that’s not the case for everyone. Auditors have long been reaping the benefits of AI, but are auditors just scratching the surface of what AI can offer and what impact will an increased use have on their insurance requirements and claims they face?

08.07.2024 Read more

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